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Monday, April 25, 2011

Blog Post #14

Metaphors for Life


1. Why did you miss the metaphor in Tom Johnson's post, or, if you "hit the nail on the head", why do you think you understood the metaphor and why do you think that others in the class missed the metaphor?
2. What metaphors have you encountered since I asked you to create a log of them?
3. What other things can we do as educators to help our students to understand and to use metaphors?
4. Why do we use metaphors?

1. I “hit the nail on the head” with the metaphor because I am able to pick up on things like that. I am a writer and a reader and I have always been able to recognize metaphors and such. I think the class missed the metaphor because they were thinking too literally about what the author was talking about.

2. Here are a few:
            I’m drowning in homework.
            He eats like a pig.
            She’s so hot headed
            My work is piling up on me.

3. One thing I would like to do with students to help them understand metaphors is to get them to write a story using  a lot of metaphors. I will also try to make the lessons fun so they will remember them better.

4. We use metaphors to make our writing more interesting and to describe things in a memorable way. Saying “He eat likes a pig” is much more exciting than saying “He eats like a messy person.

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