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Hi! My name is Tiffany Fey and I am 21 years old. I am majoring in Elementary/ Early Childhood/ Special Education and am currently a sophomore/junior at the University of South Alabama. My passion lies in teaching. I love kids and I cannot wait until I am a teacher! I am counting down the days until I can have a classroom I can call my own. ;)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

PLN Progress Report

Tiffany's PLN

The image above is the beginning of my PLN. As you can see it still has many spaces to be filled and I am still in the process of placing tiles for the websites that I already have saved on my computer. I really enjoy using Symbaloo for a PLN, it's not only easy to get the hang-of, but it is also fun looking and cute! So far my PLN has tiles for my Email, school, networking, and Teaching websites, plus a few others. My PLN is not only for my personal websites, it is also websites I am bookmarking for my future teaching career. I like to keep everything in my life together, I do not like splitting up my work from my leisure time because I feel like it complicates things and it also stresses me out, so Symbaloo really works great for me. I have actually been making a PLN for a while, but I did not realize it until I started taking EDM 310 and found out what a PLN really is. I will continue to expand my PLN and search for good resources to use throughout my life, because learning never ends! :)


  1. Good job Tiffany,

    I hope that you can find tons of more things to add to your PLN. Has comments for teachers been helping you find good teachers to follow?

    Keep up the good work!

    Stephen Akins

  2. Hi Stephen,
    Thanks for the comment! Yes, I have found a lot of great teachers to follow using C4T! Dr. Strange definitely picked some great teachers for us to come in contact with. EDM 310 is really helping me get into the "teaching world".